TU Members Beware of Scam invoices for TROUT Magazine

A notice from TU National:

Dear TU Members,

 Some Trout Unlimited members recently received an invoice from Platinum Publishing Service located in White City, Oregon, for renewal of TROUT magazine at a cost of $79.95. This is not a legitimate invoice from Trout Unlimited. Click here to view an example of the notice in question.

TU is in no way affiliated with Platinum Publishing. If you receive an invoice from Platinum Publishing for a renewal of your TROUT magazine, please disregard that invoice, but rest assured tu.org and TU’s Woolly Bugger, WV, post office box are fully operational, secure and ready to handle your membership dues and contributions.

TROUT magazine is a benefit of TU membership and included in your membership renewal. As always, you may renew your TU membership via our official, secure website at www.tu.org. Or more directly at https://www.tumembership.org/member/renew. TU regular membership remains $35 per year.

We are not clear at this time how this company obtained mailing addresses for TU members, but we suspect they have been taken from fly fishing industry magazine lists that Platinum Publishing features on their website. We will be initiating legal notification to Platinum Publishing to immediately cease-and-desist this unauthorized activity of billing for TROUT magazine.

Thank you for your continued membership support.

Bryan Moore
Vice President of Volunteer Operations
Trout Unlimited

At your convenience, please scan and email a copy of any received invoice from Platinum Publishing to Bryan Moore.