Fish Count Training and Restoring Resilience to the River Lecture

Tuesday, March 18, 7pm – 9pm
At Riverbend, 143 County Rd, Ipswich

Training for current and new fish count volunteers followed by a lecture:
Restoring Resilience to the River: The Conservation Value of Trophic Cascades to the Ipswich River. Trophic cascades are an ecological relationship in which predators indirectly effect plant communities through their influence on prey species. It will address the relevance of trophic cascades to the Ipswich River and the value they might have in conservation and restoration planning. Speaker Jason Kirkey is a graduate student at Prescott College where he studies resilience and trophic cascades in aspen forest communities. Additionally, he is the founder of the eco-literary journal, Written River, as well as the author of several books of both poetry and environmental philosophy.

All are welcome and please bring friends! Please RSVP:
Counting will start April 1st!