River Cleanup / Mill River Newbury 4/15/2017

Reminder that Sat 4/15 we are doing Mills River Cleanup on the Rowley/Newbury Line on the

Rte 1/River Crossing about 500yds north of Center Street blinking lights, 200yds south of Gov Dummer School sign on Rte 1, there is a pull out on the water side of Rte 1 and it holds 6 – 7 cars +/-

***We highly suggest car pooling as we need space to work, please help in this regard.

***Please wear clothes that cover everything & can get dirty, bring gloves if possible.

***We will have some water, a First Aid Kit and plenty of experienced TU staff to team up with.

***Bring Safety Glasses or sun glasses please !

***We picked a low tide morning but we’ll need 4-6 ppl able to get wet up to their knees, please & TY.

We will have steep banks to travers so the more agile ( aka youthful ) pledges will hopefully tackle that terrain.

We do the river banks on either side of the river & bridge crossing areas, along with several hundred yds of Rte. 1.

It is typical roadside debris, there are some larger pieces in the river we’ll extract also with rigging equip.

98% of the debris I surveyed last week will be picked up by hand or a nail-stick, 10-12 ppl will be fully engaged for 1.5 to 2 hrs.

*Mills River is TU’s home water adopted river, there is solid evidence that we have struggling numbers of reproducing Sea Run Brook Trout in this river way and our ultimate goal is to see this transformation continue to improve.

We will have more info and key educational points to share as we do the clean-up and as always we have a lot of fun doing these activities.