November Meeting – Russ Cohen – Wild Trout Streams, Why We Should Care

“Why We Should Care About Wild Trout Streams and their Inhabitants”


Our Speaker: Russ Cohen, Division of Ecological Restoration, MA Dept. of Fish and Game

Russ’ presentation elaborates on the point that the presence of naturally-reproducing wild trout are an indicator that a stream is in relatively good shape and is likely to support a host of aquatic and other sensitive organisms that share wild trout’s demanding habitat requirements.  While there are more wild trout streams around than many people (even TU members) realize, these high-quality habitats are threatened and could be lost unless they are better recognized and protected.  Russ’ presentation covers the characteristics of healthy wild trout streams (adequate instream flows, cool water temperatures, plentiful streamside vegetation, large woody material in the stream, etc.), the various human activities that can degrade trout habitat (excessive removal of riverine vegetation, water supply withdrawals, impervious surfaces, etc.) and what actions people can take to help protect and restore these valuable resources.  Russ is the co-author of “Ten Ways Conservation Commissions Can Help Protect Coldwater Streams and Their Inhabitants”, an important publication that provides tangible ways conservation commissions and others can most effectively protect coldwater resources within their communities.  Besides the obvious appeal trout streams have to Trout Unlimited members, and the fact that many TU members are familiar with cold water conservation efforts, Mr. Cohen’s presentation will expose our members and others to new ideas and current approaches to stream management.  

Monday November 7, 2011
6:00 Dinner ($5.00 donation)
7:00 Presentation
Ipswich River Watershed Association
143 County Road
Ipswich, Mass
Click here for directions.
Dinner will be three bean chili or clam chowder, salad, bread and dessert. Bring your own beverage.

John LeJeune