Let’s Go Fishing!!

The one thing that really binds many of us together is the love of fishing, whether it be trout fishing, freshwater bass fishing, wade fishing for striped bass, etc.  Whether it be fly fishing or light spin fishing, it really doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that we are “out there” doing what we love to do, and that’s fooling a fish to take our fly or lure.  After all, “The tug is the drug.”  

When you joined Trout Unlimited National, they assigned you to a local TU chapter in the vicinity of where you live.  The Nor’East Chapter of TU (NETU) is the one you have been assigned to.  As many of you know through our newsletters, NETU, your local chapter, has accomplished several very important conservation projects over the past several years.  Although our focus and mission revolve around stream/river conservation, NETU would like to broaden its outreach to you by offering other activities that provide the opportunity of NETU members to come together in fun events.   An example of this could be the opportunity to come together and fish various local streams and rivers in Massachusetts, or rivers in neighboring states.  These fishing activities might be day or overnight trips.  In addition to this, other activities or events might include fly casting lessons, fly tying groups, special seminars, morning coffee/gabfests, etc.  These little rendezvous might be a lot of fun and a nice way to meet and connect with other folks with like interests.   

If you would like to receive information regarding future activities and events, or if you have any thoughts or ideas regarding what has been proposed, please email me and I will place you in a special email group that will receive further notifications regarding upcoming activities and events.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best regards,

Kalil Boghdan

Activities and Events Committee Chair