Casey Breeds – talk on Fishing and Improving the Clark Fork in Montana, and there is another great Newsletter with locations for fish counts, smallmouth bass flies plus…

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The Clark Fork in Missoula is a diverse fishery with trout habitat and pike habitat. Casey will discuss the removal of the Milltown Dam and the superfund site cleanup just upstream of Missoula. Trout Unlimited played an important role in the restoration of turning a polluted reservoir back into a pristine trout stream.  Like some of our rivers, there is controversy in dam removal. Pike that were in the reservoir have now spread throughout the river system. To some it is an exciting new fishery, to others it is the end of the trout fishery. 

Casey has been fly fishing for over 20 years, mainly exploring the remaining wild lands of New England – from Northern Maine’s fabled brook trout streams to Rhode Island’s beaches. His favorite river is the West Branch of The Delaware River for its selective trout and demanding angler skill set. He has worked for The Orvis Company as a fishing and store manager before coming to Concord Outfitters In West Concord, MA. He enjoys hosting trips and sharing his love of the sport.

Meeting is April 4 at 6 PM, Speaker begins at 7 PM sharp.