April Meeting 4/3/2017

Geoffrey Klane will talk on Fishing for Sea-Run Brook Trout (“Salters”) at Red Brook in Wareham, MA. Geoff is an avid fly fisherman, and goes down to Red Brook on a regular basis. He will tell us about this fishery, and will share his “tips and tricks” on how to catch these fish, along with the best flies to use and times of year to be there. We will reschedule David Comb’s talk for the fall season.


POSTPONED: Our April 3rd meeting will be a corker, with David Comb of Cellular Signal Technologies speaking to us on his two steelhead trips to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia. His steelhead photos show big fish in good shape in wild country. I’m sure what he has to say about getting there and fishing these fish will entice us all!