Conservation Committee

River Herring migration and restoration, a story from the Smithsonian

List of Projects

The Conservation Committee is active and has been very successful at spearheading and assisting partners with stream restoration for both cold water fish like trout and fallfish, and improving migratory passage for herring, lamprey and eels.

We work on managing existing fish ladders in the Ipswich and Parker Rivers.  We have successfully removed 3 barriers to fish migration on Crooked Pond Brook in Boxford. It is now free flowing. We have assessed and worked with the Mass Div. of Forest and Parks to improve fish passage in Gravelly Brook within Willowdale State Forest in Ipswich.

And we are assessing the water quality in the Mill River to restore fish passage at Jewell Mill in Rowley.

Here are two annual reports for you to read on the activities of this Chapter to save fish:

2019 Annual report submitted by Greg Murrer

2018 Annual Report submitted by Greg Murrer